Monday, September 8, 2008

3D Imagery Gallery & Cool Links

Go to:

.... and you will find a gallery of some great examples of high end 3D.

The design and creation of computer generated three-dimensional imagery is still a relatively new field. Many designers have attempted to incorporate 3D imagery into various areas and have for one reason or another, failed, while others have had successes. Whatever the reason for success or failure; familiarity, core knowledge, and well-refined competencies (as well as cost effectiveness of the process), are vital to achieve and sustain success in any field. By investigating various applications and uses of computer generated three-dimensional imagery, by determining the feasibility, substantiating it, and reporting/discussing discovered success of the use of 3D graphics, we can better our knowledge and understanding of current industry trends, future possibilities, and even indentify other potentials for uses of computer generated 3D imagery in many various fields. Three examples that I can think of for fields that are currently using this type of imagery with success are, architectural and engineering, advertising and retail, and computer gaming. Of particular interest for DGET students is both architectural and engineering disciplines which are finding use of 3D imagery to be invaluable. Other opportunities exist in many other fields such as website design, entertainment, fine art, forensics, sciences, and medicine.

Please share your posts and links of 3D imagery sites that you found of particular interest!